The indescribable, moments of your life, tonight…

Alright, so where are we.  Last time I was flying home from Loudon.  Since then, we’ve raced at Indy (I think finished 8th or so with the 2nd best car, restarts at the end) then we tested at Watkins Glen (struggled), raced in Pocono (possibly best car, crashed due to another lug nut peeling off a valve stem), raced at Watkins Glen (spun out in the last corner while running 2nd, had an off week (thank God) and just recently raced in Bristol (finished 23rd with a top 3 car, run over while slowing to avoid a spinning car).

So par for the course more or less.  Pocono and Bristol were both rain delayed an extra day, which is getting old really fast, let me tell you.  And now I’m headed back to Denver, to get ready for Michigan this coming weekend.

But the off week.  I was so completely worn out by the end of July that I really needed that break. Long story short, it’s been a rough/tiring/trying year for me, so it was great when I hopped in the car with my parents at Watkins Glen and headed for Lambeth.  And it was a good week for the most part.  Got to see some family, had 2 ice caps (!),  saw the Tragically Hip at the JLC (what a show), Bingo at Winks, finally got the Atom back on a track and cottage time.  Oh the cottage time, so very recharging for me (even on 4 hours of sleep per night).  So thanks to everyone that I got to see, that helped energize me, whether you understand or realize it you helped a lot!

So now we have 3 more races before the Chase: Michigan, Darlington and Richmond I believe.  And then 10 chase races.  It’s going to be a long, tiring road, but we’re gonna give it our all and hope for the best!  Our luck has to change at some point…

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