…but what if I did

So I guess this will just be a continuation of the last post.  I am now flying back to Denver from Loudon.  And the pattern continues.  Again, the plus side, is that we were a lot better this weekend than we were last year in Loudon.  Or at least, we got there.  We were good in Q trim, chased our tail a bit in race practice (a bad set of tires didn’t help), and we were really good today.  It felt good to lead some laps at a track that wasn’t 1.5 miles long, that definitely feels like growth/improvement for us.

Unfortunately, something in the transmission broke with about 40 laps to go, and we were stuck in 4th gear for the rest of the race.  And that wouldn’t have been terrible, we could almost have scored a top 5 from there, which I would have been happy with.  Except the end of Loudon races tend to get messy, and this one was no exception.  Every restart we would get passed by 10 cars, and fight back from there.  We ended up 16th, with at worst, the 2nd best car.  So a lot like Kentucky.  Ah well.

My parents and the Faulkners came down for the weekend which was fun.  We found a couple of good spots to eat in and around Concord (Kan-KUD I believe), which seems to be a nicer area every time I visit.

And that’s about it really.  This is a fairly uneventful week, other than the Brickyard being at the end.  This is one that we as a group really want, perhaps most of all.  You can bet we are going to give it everything that we’ve got.

I saw Brian Fallon play in Denver a couple of weeks ago (I know some of you saw him play in London).  Ever since, I have been unable to get Honey Magnolia out of my head.  In an attempt to remedy this, I’m going to try and get it stuck in yours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yEx272Vn90

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One comment on “…but what if I did
  1. Murray Faulkner says:

    Thanks for hosting us Ryan, you had the best car again, hope you don’t run out of steam.

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