Remember to breathe…

Well I guess that was the yang to the spring Pocono ying.  An encouraging, frustrating, encouraging, depressing race.  Played out about as we hoped initially, got a good start and moved up slowly over the first fuel run.  We decided to stay out for track position at the competition caution and hope for a green flag run after wards.  Instead we got something like 4 cautions in 20 laps, which really hurt our strategy.  So when we did put for fuel and tires, fell back into the 30s I think.  It was good to lead some laps again, had been a few weeks since that happened.  Then we began to work our way back to the front, got back into the top 10 and back on strategy with everyone else.   Everyone made their last stop about 2-3 laps early, counting on their being cautions.  And it went green.  All.  The. Way.  Never thought that would happen.  4 cautions in the first 30 laps and nothing in the last 50.  So everyone ran out, and another car that was never really in the top 20 won.  Rubbish.  We have to run an absolutely 100% perfect race to get a result.  And the 2 can destroy a pit stop, lose a lap with the succcessive drive through penalty, and finish 2nd.  Awesome.

Pocono is a really nice area, hills and forests surround the track and the hotel we stay.  And the weather was gorgeous, sunny and clear all weekend without being too hot and sticky.  

This week I am headed to Las Vegas on Tuesday afterwork for about 36 hours to catch up with Noigel.  Should be fun!  And next weekend is Watkins Glen, hopefully that goes a little better than Sonoma did…

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