Taking the scenic route…

So that was an interesting race.  We ended up 4th, which is a good result.  We have been in need of a good run and result the last few weeks.  And 4th iis probably about where we should have finished.

However, it was not a straight forward race by any stretch of the imagination.  We started 13th,  and made our way forward into the top 10 the first stint.  The car was good, and we could actually make passes, which was a concern with this rules package.  We made a good green flag stop (I was catching the first can today, it wasn’t my best performance) mixed with short pitting by a lap or 2 jumped us up to 6th I think.  

Pit strategy is interesting at Indy, since you can pit without losing a lap, you tend to run it backwards like a road course.  But there is still the potential for more cautions, so it seems to be a bit of a catch 22.  Anyway, I think it was the end of the second run (or maybe third?) we made another green flag stop, and got caught by the perfectly timed caution to be a lap down again, just like last week.  Literally if the caution came  out 5 seconds earlier or 5 seconds later we would have been golden, but instead we were 24th or so.

And then somehow, we’re not quite sure yet, we climbed all the way back to 4th.  It seems we out strategized a bit, taking 2 tires a couple of times instead of 4.  And there was a fuel scare for everyone in the top 5 towards the end, we were all right at runnning out, so the green white checkers made it that much more tense.  

A win at Indy would have been great, but 4th is solid, something to build off of.  On the way back to Denver now, heading to Bristol on Tuesday night for a Wednesday test.  I think we are driving to Pocono via NYC from Bristol, which should be fun.  Means I will be missing both frisbee and softball this week as a result, drat. 

Hopefully pocono is good though, we have good momentum there.  I remember it fondly…

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