Win or learn, crash and burn…

I wish I were a song writer.  I like that line (the title of this blog), it feels to me like a good album could be written around it.

Well, it’s over!  Where to begin.  Once again, been awhile since I’ve written.  Much has happened.  I’m currently on the plane flying back to Denver from Miami.  By my figuring, the last time I will be on N601FR.  Crazy.

I believe I last wrote at the end of the first round of the Chase.  A brief catch up summary is in order then.  Kansas and Charlotte we were alright, and in a good position to make the third round of the chase.  We even qualified on the pole at Talladega, which was not only unexpected, but is a huge accomplishment.  And then about 40 laps in we blew up.  Race over.  Chase over.  Such a weird moment, and following week.  Everything and nothing changed.  Rather numbing.  Work life mirroring personal life I guess.

The third round was Martinsville, Texas and Phoenix.  We qualified on pole again at Martinsville, which was awesome to do right after Talladega.  The tracks are so incredibly different, so again, huge accomplishment for the team.  We ran well, finished about 7th which we were pleased with there.  I’m struggling to remember Texas, but I believe we finished 3rd, after having a shot at the win.  I believe the 19 and us were the two best cars, and they beat us off pit road on the last stop.  Phoenix last week was a giant Charlie Foxtrot from the word go.  We hit the wall first practice and had to go to the backup car.  Then couldn’t get it through inspection in time and missed qualifying, so we started last (40th).  By lap 60 we were up to 10th, and thought we had a shot at it.  And then in the most bizarre set of circumstances I can remember, 10 real time minutes later we were 2 laps down and at the back of the pack.  I can’t even begin to explain how that happened, I barely understand it myself, and it took 3 days to get there.  So we went to work trying to dig out of that hole, and got to where we were battling for the lucky dog to get back on the the lead lap.  And then the guy we were racing spun and took us out.  Race over.

And this weekend was Homestead-Miami.  Quite a different experience than last year.  I can’t believe it’s been a whole year already, feels like we were just here.  We were quick in practice and qualifying, started P6.  We had a problem with out car early that forced and extra pit stop, and dropped us from 8th to 36th or so.  But we fought our way back up to about 5th, before the 4 car knocked us into the wall, and it ruined the right side of the car.  And then while running about 15th, with a shot at a top 10, we got caught up in the big one.  I didn’t know that was a thing at Homestead, but apparently it is.  If you see pictures in the next day or two of a Nascar on fire, that was us.  Fortunately Martin got out and was fine.

Last year, I spent this night in Key Largo, and then drove down to Key West the next morning for a few days.  What a great way to end and forget the season that was.  I was rather looking forward to doing something similar this year, but the plans that I was trying to make never worked out.  So instead, I’m flying back to Detroit tomorrow (Monday) night to be home for a couple of days.  There is much to do over the next couple of weeks, I’ve got some big things planned for next year!

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