The last three years were just pretend…

I am long over due to write something here. Though, I think everyone who reads this, is aware, that, ah, well things have been a bit odd the last two years. On a macro level for all of us, and probably on a micro level for most of us (and I certainly include myself in that category).

But I don’t want to go into that chaos. I have an exciting change coming my way, that I think I am more than ready for: at the beginning of February I will be moving to North Carolina. Last week I accepted a job with Front Row Motorsports to be a Race Engineer on their #38 NASCAR Cup car. I am excited for this opportunity, it will be challenging but I am looking forward to the opportunity to learn some new skills from some experienced people, and also getting to hang out with some friends I haven’t seen for awhile. And I think, perhaps mostly, I am ready for a change. The last two years have just…. you know.

So I will resume some amount of blogging on here for this year. I don’t yet know how much travel will be involved with my role, it sounds like less than when I was with Furniture Row. Which I am hoping for, it should be a better work-life balance for me. This also means I am not likely to write as often, perhaps monthly or so.

I hope everyone is doing well!

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2 comments on “The last three years were just pretend…
  1. Anonymous says:

    So excited for you. Go get ‘em.

  2. Jeanette Kelly says:

    All the best Ryan. I hope you enjoy this new project.

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