I don’t want to survive…

This was written yesterday sitting in YYZ waiting for my flight to Las Vegas.  I’m now sitting in LAS awaiting my flight to New Orleans (through Houston).  The only error below is that I didn’t have time to make it to Caesar’s last night sadly…

After a little bit of a delay at YXU and YYZ, I’m off on my last big trip of the year.  The first destination is Las Vegas, where the company that does our fitting has a shop.  In addition to just seeing the facility and get a better understanding of their business, they’ve got some new equipment for us that needs to be outfitted and setup.  But more than that, I’m hoping to get a couple of hours on the blackjack tables at Caesar’s tonight!
Tomorrow I fly to New Orleans, there is a race track on the south side of the city where F3 is running this weekend.  I’ve never been to this track before, but I am under the impression that it’s not too hard a track, so it should be a fairly low key weekend.  Any recommendations on place to eat?  I would like to find some good gumbo I think.
On Sunday I fly to Denver for a few ‘work from Denver’ days for which I’m really excited.  It will be great to catch up with some friends, and I will get a day of doing my brewery crawl, and a day of driving up into and around the mountains.  I’m going to have to dig out my Denver to do list…
From there I fly to Austin next Thursday for the F1 weekend, where I will be supporting F3 and F4.  I love Austin and am looking forward to some live music, plus the beer and food scene is pretty good.
The following Monday I fly to San Francisco, where there is an 8 hour endurance race at Laguna Seca.  I am really looking forward to this weekend, as Monterey is just about my favourite place in the world, and I haven’t been there for far too long.  I’m hoping to have a little bit of free time for a Fish Hopper breakfast, a lap around 17 mile drive, maybe get down to Big Sur or Carmel for lunch.  And obviously a visit to the aquarium and Bubba Gumps!
The Monday after that I will fly from San Francisco to Milan, where the Ferrari Challenge Finale will be held at Monza.  To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to this trip, I just don’t want to do another trip that long right now.  Plus I was supposed to have another (better) weekend in Austin…. But it will be alright, I know of at least one really great restaurant close by, and the Ferrari Challenge Finale experience could be interesting.  I think I started to develop a rapport with them the last event I did (Road Atlanta) so maybe a chance to build on that isn’t the worst thing.
Then I will fly back home for only a couple of days, before heading to Daytona for the Trans Am finale.  After which I’m pondering a little Florida road trip, I would really like to see Cape Canaveral, go to the Nascar race at Homestead (the FRR send off) and maybe spend a couple of days in Key West.  Anyone done Cape Canaveral, or anything else fun around there?
And then it will be the off season!  By which I mean, I get some time to work on the Chump Car and get ready for the Chili Bowl…
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2 comments on “I don’t want to survive…
  1. Jeanette Kelly says:

    Go to the Denver Art Museum and check out the library across the street. Cool architecture and I thought some great exhibitions. …. taking you out of your comfort zone here maybe!

  2. Sharon Kelly says:

    Good blog. Thanks. I really feel bad you miss the fun week in Austin but wish you a spectacular Denver few days

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