Here I go again…

As of yesterday, I’ve begun working for Pirelli North America.  This will be a similar role to what I had with Pirelli in Europe last year, except that I will be based in North America primarily supporting the Pirelli World Challenge and Trans Am.  I am looking forward to shorter duration flights, fewer travel days, more time at home, and hopefully that leads to a little bit better life balance for me.  Fingers crossed….

It is immediately complicated, as my Dad and I have a road trip planned starting on Friday.  We are headed to Columbus, Ohio to see Brian Fallon, and then continuing on to New Mexico, Texas, New Orleans and Nashville.  Though I will now be leaving New Mexico and flying to Virginia for a Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) race, and from there straight to California for a private test.  Then I will fly to New Orleans to meet Dad, we will have a couple of days there, then a couple of days in Nashville, then head for home.  And it sounds like the following week they are going to send me back to the office in England for training….

All things considered, I think this is good, it’s a chance to try something that I think overall is a step in the right direction for me.  The only downside right now, is that it’s going to cut into the prep time for the ChumpCar, Watkins Glen is getting doubtful…

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3 comments on “Here I go again…
  1. Ted Kelly says:

    Congrats, Sounds like you are able to incorporate the first week of work into your travel plans with your dad. Nice.

  2. Jeanette Kelly says:

    Ted’s a hoot and you’re back on the toad in a great way Ryan. Congratulations.

  3. Jeanette Kelly says:

    On the road … typing too fast

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