They say he travels fastest, who travels alone…

It’s over!  I flew back to England from Abu Dhabi yesterday (Sunday), after 10 straight days at the track.  F2/GP3 race, then F1 test, then F2/GP3 test, I’m a little worn out.  Glad I am no longer on the F2 Development tests…

Abu Dhabi was an interesting place don’t get me wrong, the weather was spectacular and the buildings are quite something to see.  It rather lacked soul I would say, but there could just be too much sand for that.  My issue with it is purely November, it’s the end of the season, and I have no excitement left to give at this point.  Time for a break, some down time, and all things going to plan, some sleep.  On that note, I fly back to Toronto (last flight of the year!) on Friday and I’m quite excited to have the rest of the month off, for the aforementioned rest and relaxation.

I don’t really have a whole lot to write to be honest.  Brazil wasn’t very exciting, I really like the track, but Sao Paulo is a bit of a sketchy city so I didn’t really leave the hotel other than to go to the track.  It’s a place I was quite happy to get on the plane and get out of.  Then I spent a few days in London, playing tourist and catching up with some friends.  Then I flew to Abu Dhabi, and here we are.  I’ve got 3 days in the office this week, and then home on Friday.

I figured that I’ve spent about 170 days traveling this year, and flew a little over 113k miles, I think it’s cottage time!

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  1. Sharon Kelly says:

    Thanks for another post. Small but certainly interesting and very much appreciated

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