Leading questions I might ask myself…

So it’s been almost a month.  Where am I now?  I am wondering that as much as you are.  There has been some progress, it’s been slower than hoped for, but that’s par for the course.

I am still living in Didcot.  Though as of this morning, no longer in a BnB but in a house share.  Apartments don’t seem to be common in England, rather house shares are everywhere.  A house is converted to have a kitchen, bathroom(s), common room, and 3-7 bed rooms, and all of the bed rooms are rented out.  I saw a house share in Reading on Friday evening that I like, so I’m working towards getting the paperwork for it sorted, and ideally I could move next weekend.  I am rather looking forward to the idea of my own place (for a 6 month term) that will feel much more comfy and familiar.  I won’t say home, but having a base will be quite nice.

That also means I can stop spending my free time and energy apartment hunting, but rather on living!  I think I will see one of my best Brookes buddies JC next weekend, fingers crossed.

On the work front, last week I spent a couple of days in Milan for F1 training.  Then we went to Romania for a day to see the F1/GP2/GP3 tyre manufacturing plant.  And yes, I will be spelling it tyre, that’s apparently ‘correct’ over here…

So something I need to clarify.  And to be fair, it took 3 conversations at work for it to be made clear to me, so I apologize for the confusion.  Though it’s not my fault.  My main focus this year WILL NOT be Formula 1.  Yes I’ve told you all that’s what I would be doing.  And when I left Canada, that is what I thought I would be doing.  Pirelli believes that I will be a great fit for their GP2/GP3 program.  These are 2 of the major support series for Formula 1 at the European and Middle Easter races.  I will be the sole engineer, and have much more dealings with the series promoter and technical director as a result.  The job sounds interesting, if I’m honest, more interesting than the F1 job I thought I had.  The downside is that I will be traveling much less than I had expected.  Including no Australia or Montreal…. yup.  I’m working towards getting to Austin, and hopefully Singapore.

Additionally, this likely means I will have time to get involved with the GT program (GT3/GT4 in particular).  I’ve always loved GT racing, so that rather excites me.  There are some really big races at spectacular places around the world that I will aim to be a part of, fingers crossed!

And that’s about all I’ve got at the moment I think.  Life will be quiet for the next little while, and then begin to pick up around the second week of March.  Oh, and for anyone that’s curious, I’m anticipating being back in Canada Aug 4-20 or so.

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One comment on “Leading questions I might ask myself…
  1. Ted says:

    Fingers crossed for you. Different than you expected but with its own bonuses.

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