If it were easy…

Last weeks posts was long, detailed and (for this engineer) elaborate.  And also fun to write, if I’m honest.

This week will be none of those.  We had high hopes, struggled all weekend, finished 19th.  There were some bright spots in there.  We hit on something the second run of Q1 to be 8th on the board.  We had a good lap in Happy Hour to post 4th fastest time.  But we never could quite get a handle on the whole thing for some reason.

And then Sunday was the absolute rainiest day I have seen in years.  It started so foggy that the wind would make the water condense all around you.  And then it poured.  Fortunately they let us leave early, though it meant spending another day in Pocono…and I was supposed to start moving today…

We threw a lot at it for the race today and the car was actually pretty good on the first run.  We moved forward, and had the speed to probably end up right around the edge of the top 5.  And then we got together with the 83 in the pits, and that ruined our race.  We spent the rest of the race fighting handling with a damaged car, and trying to regain the track position we had lost.  And just when we finally thought we had it, our luck returned.  We came out of the pits as the first car (though a few had stayed out) and thought we were going to be able to make something out of it.  For about 5 seconds.  And then MTJ radioed that he had a flat right rear.  Which seemed completely inconceivable to me, how was it flat already, we hadn’t even done anything?  Upon video review, we determined that a lug nut knocked out a valve stem, in a fashion that you wouldn’t believe if I explained.

And so 19th it was.  Good riddance, I just want to go home.  The highlight of the weekend for me was indoor go karting (though they weren’t quite go karts) on Sunday evening at a little local place a few miles from the hotel.  I shall be returning in August when we come back to Pocono, any takers?

As I alluded to earlier, I have to move this week, which I’m not looking forward to.  But at least I have Michigan to look forward to, where we should be a lot more competitive, and I will have a few visitors to cheer me up!

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