Bonus points for creativity?

Over the course of the last 12 months or so, we have found a lot of ways to lose races it seems.  It’s gotten to where I kind of almost have a feeling when it’s about to happen.  But today, that was so creative and outside the box, I didn’t see it coming at all.

We had a decent 5-10th place car all weekend, and made some good changes before the race to be a top 5 car.  Then over the course of the race, we got it better, to where with about 50 laps left we had (probably) the best car, and we had the best track position of anyone with 4 new tires.  And then the 48 couldn’t find 3rd gear…I’m not exactly sure yet what happened, they initially though a drive shaft broke, though I then heard that he couldn’t get it into gear.  But either way, leading at Dover on a restart is not a good place to not have any mechanical propulsion.  It apparently leads to a Talladega-esque armageddon type crash.

Our car was pretty much only cosmetically damaged, so we were able to fix it, and actually moved up to finish 9th.  Another top 10 is good, still not the win (or even top 5?) we are hoping for.

But onwards I guess.  We fly to Michigan tomorrow for a Tuesday tire confirmation test.  Then back to Denver and then to Charlotte on Thursday.  Saturday night is the All Star race.  We we will actually be in it this year which is kind of cool, though having Saturday/Sunday off last year was nice…

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