Spending nights at home full throttle…

So I know it’s been a few weeks.  I’m sorry, I’ve not forgotten about you.  I’ve been struggling to come up with anything new to say.

Last week we raced in Texas, and if you read the first Kansas entry from last year (I believe called 3 Day Tape Delay) it’s pretty much what happened in Texas.  We led 140 laps I think, had the best car, and got beat at the end on strategy out of our control.  We were the leader, and knew everyone was going to do the opposite of what we did.  We stayed out, they pitted, and we finished 6th.  What can you do?

As for Bristol today, either of the Bristol entries last year will do.  Although we had a much better car today than we have before at Bristol, our race was derailed by a loose wheel.  It was more fun than either race last year, because our car was really good.  Oh well.

Tomorrow afternoon we fly to Pocono, Pennsylvania for a Tuesday/Wednesday tire test.  Getting the data system going was my main task last week, which meant working a full ‘Saturday’ and a half ‘Sunday’ before flying to Bristol.  In between those I had a really fun trivia night, then we wandered over to play shuffleboard and the jukebox at the Wynkoop Brewery.

After the test finished on Wednesday, we are going to drive to NYC for the night, and then on to Richmond, VA the next morning for the race weekend.  Hopefully that will be fun, and not just exhausting.  We shall see.

I’m also struggling to come up with blog titles.  This one has nothing to do with anything, it’s just my favourite lyric right now (from Smoke by Brian Fallon).  Though it kind of applies to my week last week I guess.

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