Some will win, some will lose

Flying back to Denver from Loudon, NH.  It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I won’t try and catch up, there’s been to much.

The race today went well, we started 15th and given the nature of the track and the race we new it was going to be tough from there.  Plus today was much hotter than yesterday (track temp up 40F) and so lots of stuff on the car had to change.  But it was pretty good, we were fast on long runs and worked out way up to 4th I believe.  

Late in the race we took a bit of a chance and short pitted a few laps, hoping to make up some more ground.  Sadly about 2 laps after we pitted they threw a debris or oil caution, which trapped us a lap down.  It’s frustrating because Martin never saw any reason for the caution.  But what can you do?  We were trapped a lap down, were able to get the wave around and restarted in 23rd.  He drove a great last stint and got us back up to 12th.  We really could have used a caution, real or imaginary then…

Loudon is a nice area, driving to the track reminded me of the area north of Manitoulin Island.  I have my first Chicago style pizza Friday night at a place called Uno’s, it was quite tasty.  And we had a great team dinner last night at Onion’s, an unassuming restaurant in an old house right beside the town hall.  Best fish and chips I have had for quite awhile, and we were ‘that table’ in the back room disrupting the rest of the restaurant.

I actually have a few days in Denver this week which will be nice.  Last week we tested in Chicago most of the week.  My softball and frisbee leagues are in full swing now, softball is fun though we aren’t very good.  Frisbee is frustrating (they’re all so serious, zone d in a rec league?!?) but there are a few good people on the team and it’s a good workout.  So easy to throw a frisbee at altitude!

On Thursday we will head to Indianapolis for the Brickyard 400.  Everyone is pretty excited for this weekend, it’ one of the more prestigious races and since several of the guys worked on Indy Car teams it’s extra special.  And personally, this was the first Nascar race I ever went to, dad and I went a few times with the Fergusons many moons ago.  Hopefully they’ll  give us some help with this new aero package we’ve got to run, should make for an interesting weekend.

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